PETA Keeps It Classy & Ethical By Comparing Rape Survivors To Animals

WARNING: This article discusses rape and sexual assault.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
is no stranger to controversial campaigns to get those sweet media mentions, so let’s not kid ourselves in that it knows exactly what it’s doing.

The latest campaign from these numpties urges people to become vegans by comparing rape and sexual assault survivors to – yep – animals.
Because survivors aren’t dehumanised enough, I guess?

To give PETA the benefit of the doubt here and to say it didn’t antitipate the retraumatisng effect of this campaign, or to even say it wouldn’t anticipate this level of backlash, is naive. This is the modus operandi. Getting people to care about animals to the level that change occurs isn’t an easy task, but still.

The backlash has been strong.

Rather than engage in the conversation – or apologise for quite literally treating rape victims with less ethical treatment than they promote for animals – PETA have been replying to negative feedback with the same tone-deaf response:

“Sexual abuse is a serious issue. Acknowledging it for animals doesn’t take away from humans.”

That’s not going down well, either.

Cool. Alternatively, if you want to support rape and sexual assault survivors, or if you want to access telephone and online counselling, check out any one of the services below.