In tremendous “dude’s rock” energy, a Perth sperm donor has jetted into Brisbane to embark on a 10-day jizz journey, where he’s hoping to help impregnate as many people as he can. A FIFO sperm donor, if you will.

Per the Courier Mail, Adam Hooper will provide instant sperm donations to strangers.

Look before you ask, I don’t know the mechanics of the operation. All I know is “instant sperm donation” means a donation which is provided in a cup.

I have no idea how if it’s literally a nut-filled cup delivered in an UberEats bag over coffee or if Hooper meets people at their homes, excuses himself, and then hands the goods over in a receptacle.

And you know what, I don’t want to know. Not my circus, not my monkeys. Let’s just focus on the fact this man is doing a beautiful, wholesome thing.

A father-of-two, Hooper told the Courier Mail he wanted others to experience the delight of parenthood — but donating to a clinic never floated his boat.

“I started my research and discovered that I had no say in who would receive half of my DNA. That was the first red flag,” he said.

“What if the child turned 18, reached out to me and was traumatised because they had horrible parents and then asked why I blindly helped create them?”

Children conceived through clinic donors must wait until they’re 18 to reach out to their dads. But according to the Daily Mail, Hooper lets his sprogs contact him at any age and he’s happy to be part of their lives if that’s what they want.

“I want the kids to have a sense of knowing where they are from — too many donor children have to spend years trying to track down their fathers,” he said.

Hooper also hopes his jizz tour will allow the people he’s helped to create a gorgeous little mother’s group, where they can support each other and their kids can mix and mingle.

Bless his cotton socks.

In an Instagram post, Hooper said he’s never officially counted the number of children he’s conceived. But according to the Courier Mail, it’s more than 20 — whatever the number, I’d say anyone who chooses to use his services is in safe and experienced hands.

Ever committed to helping people become parents, he also runs a Facebook group, Sperm Donation Australia, which matches donors with wannabe mummies and daddies.

So if you’re ovulating, live in Brissy and have always wanted a bébé, Adam the Perth sperm donor is your man.

Source: Instagram / Adriana Catalano via @spermdonationworld / Village Roadshow Productions / Baz Luhrmann