Perth Hero Builds 4.4 Metre Christmas Tree Out Of 2,536 VB Cans For Charity

A fair portion of this job is looking at news and trying to figure out the most interesting angle on something, but not this time – every part of this is just some wholesome Australian goodness: a man in Western Australia built a giant, fuck-off big Christmas tree out of VB cans for charity (ideally it would have been a non-CUB beer, but it’s for charity, so we’ll let that slide).
Wesley Boyd, from Perth, was inspired to make the tree by his late mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s:

“I wanted to support [the fight against] Alzheimer’s, because I’ve seen it and it’s horrible.”
The tree is a whopping 4.4 metres tall and 2 metres wide. It took about 14 months, some silicone reinforcement and 2536 cans, which – at about 85 slabs of 30 cans – is definitely not an insignificant amount of cans:
“A few of my mates love drinking VBs, so when they bring their own drinks over, we all keep the cans.”

Boyd said he’d be flicking on the lights for the first time tonight and putting out tins so people having a gander can donate. Mate, excellent work.

Source: WA Today.
Photos: Wesley Boyd.