11 People Give Their Go-To Hacks For Zhuzhing Up Men’s Wardrobes Cos Some Of Y’all Are A Mess

Contributor: Pedestrian.TV

Some people just have it. Whether it’s spark in the kitchen, a penchant for wit, or having the annoying yet enviable ability to straight up look spectacular no matter the occasion. Some people are gifted with higher knowledge, and we should pay heed to these divine beings.

Some brands make it fairly easy to dress well, and if you’re looking to set your wardrobe up with some tried and tested quality basics from which to build on — as well as some head-turning pieces — check out Politix’s new Spring/Summer collection, which consists of pieces crafted with premium fabrics and natural fibres, designed to elevate style and self-expression.

To celebrate the release of the new collection, we reached out to some folks who dress Very Well, and asked them for their tips to help you also dress Very Well.

Very well, let’s get on with the show. 


“I interviewed a bespoke suit maker a few years back, and his advice was to not have matching prints on the tie and pocket square, but rather to pick complementing colours, so it looks like a more natural style.

Oh and always polish your shoes. That’s from my late Grandad who spent every Sunday polishing his shoes.”


“Get things tailored and wear things that actually fit! So many guys don’t really know what their size is and it’s wild how much of a difference it can make when your clothes fit you properly.”


“Do not underestimate the power of rolling up your shirt sleeves.”


“Less is more. Take a real hard look at your wardrobe and find all the things you only wear cos they’re there, but don’t actually give you any particular joy or confidence when wearing them — and get rid of them. Life is too short to wear things you don’t like or rags that are barely hanging in there. Do a big fat spring clean, get new clothes you actually love, and keep it simple yet classy.”


“Pinterest. If you don’t know what you like, there’s so much inspo online. You can go through, see what you like, combos you might not have thought of, new cuts and styles of jeans and t-shirts you wanna try.

Wear stuff that you’re excited to put on. Overdressing is a lame term that people with no style use. Wear whatever you like. Experiment but wear and buy stuff that you’re excited about — no one needs outfits that sit in your closet, they don’t do anyone any good.

And I feel like looking online and understanding what you like and what your style could be can also help you hone it and then you’ll end up buying clothes where you go oh sick I can wear this with these pants or with a jacket.


“There’s T-shirts, and there’s T-shirts. I know it’s tempting to just get the cheap $10 ones on sale, but go for a good brand, go for ones that are a bit more on the pricey side — it really makes a difference in both look, feel, and most importantly, durability.

Oh, and this one my brother taught me — tuck your shirt into your underwear if you find you have trouble keeping it tucked. It sounds weird but it really helps.”


“Have some fun! It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Every time.”


“Honestly, don’t overthink it. A lot of people try too hard and it shows. What you wear is just an expression of yourself. There aren’t any ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ ways to dress, as long as what you’re wearing, you’re wearing for yourself, and not just to follow some trend you think is cool. There’s nothing less cool than trying to be cool.

Having said that, get a tailored suit.”


“What was really groundbreaking for me at age 18 was having matching belts and shoes when wearing a suit and that brown shoes generally do not go with black suits.”


“Invest in a few really great shoes. Really invest and find ones that will be with you for years. No, thongs aren’t shoes.” 


“If you’re wanting to experiment a bit more but you’re unsure or not ready to be bold on the pattern and colour side, mix up your textures! Swap out your cotton tee and jeans for a linen top and corduroy pants, or try on a leather jacket and a silk shirt instead of your usual.”

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