People Rly Thought T-Swift Was Nude In The ‘Ready For It’ Clip & Guys, C’mon

Unless you’ve been living under an anti-Swift shield (and if you have, pls let us know where to cop), you will have seen the vid for Taylor Swift‘s second single from her upcoming record Reputation.

It’s this one:

Like everything produced by the Tay-Tay juggernaut, this vid has been dissected down to the pixel. The main things fans reckon they’ve spotted: song lyrics in the graffiti, yet more references to Taylor’s eight (evil?) exes, possible collaboration Easter eggs, birthdates referencing herself and her current boo Joe Aldwyn, and a total refusal to let the Kimye feud die.


(that’s supposed to be a reference to the “witch hunt”/Swift vs. Kanye beef)

But in our opinion, the wildest thing to come out of this clip’s release is that some people actually appear to have thought Taylor Swift was entirely starkers in it.

We’re talking about one particular scene where hood-wearing sass-walking Taylor fights creepy cyborg Taylor and there are just… altogether too many special effects tbqh. Cyborg Taylor first appears looking like this:

And sure, cyborg Taylor might seem, on first glance, to be nüde – but anyone can see, on closer inspection, that she is in fact wearing some kind of bodysuit to create a Ghost in the Shell-style robo-bod effect. It’s pretty obvious, right?


For the record, Swift herself has responded to the pearl-clutching with some A-grade sass via Instagram story.

It truly warms my heart that people had so much to say about this bodysuit,” she wrote, and honestly, Taylor: we believe you.