Multiple People Dead After 5-Day-Old Pedestrian Bridge Collapses In Miami

Multiple people are dead after a pedestrian bridge in Miami collapsed, crushing “five to six vehicles.” The bridge, which stood outside the Florida International University, had only been erected on Saturday.

A tactical response team from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue are currently working to secure the structure while searching for victims, but it has been established that there are multiple injuries and likely a number of fatalities.

“We heard a loud bang behind us … and we looked back and the bridge had completely collapsed,” said Isabella Carrasco, a student at the University of Miami, in an interview with CNN.

In a statement, the university said it was “shocked and saddened about the tragic events unfolding at the FIU-Sweetwater pedestrian bridge.”

BDI, the engineering company who constructed the bridge on Saturday, quickly purged information about the project from their social media platforms.

Similarly, FIU removed a page on their news website about the bridge’s construction, though a cached version is still available. In it, the university brags that the installation only took six hours thanks to its innovative method of construction:

To keep the inevitable disruption of traffic associated with bridge construction to a minimum, the 174-foot portion of the bridge was built adjacent to Southwest 8th Street using a method called Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) and was driven into its perpendicular position across the road by a rig in only six hours on Saturday, March 10.

We’ll keep you updated as more info emerges.