Pauline Hanson Says Barrier Reef Is Fine After Swim 1000km From Bleaching

Pauline Hanson has taken a dip off the Queensland coast in an attempt to demonstrate the Great Barrier Reef is doing a-okay. The thing is, she donned the flippers hundreds of kilometres south of the region most severely affected by this year’s bleaching event.

If you think shit like this is frustrating now, imagine what it’ll feel like to re-read in 20 years. 

Regardless, the leader of the One Nation Party had a swim off Great Keppel Island – far, far away from Lizard Island, where bleaching “approached 80-100%” – to counter the “untruths” the media has presented in regards to the Reef’s startling deterioration. 

Also present: avowed climate change denier Senator Malcolm Roberts, who said the party was there to “check on the health” of the Reef. 

When pressed on why One Nation decided to scope out the reef near Great Keppel Island, and not in its northern reaches where coral bleaching is more pronounced, Roberts admitted there was a problem earlier this year – but insisted it’s now all gravy. 

He also said “The Greens and their cabal of international NGO’s are using the reef as a pawn in their deceitful game to de-industrialise the Western world,” so there’s that, too.
FWIW, One Nation’s stance on the “climate change agenda” is exactly the kind of thing experts in the field (read: people who don’t just pop to the Reef for a photo op) claim could ensure the Reef faces bleaching events with increasing frequency.  
At its worst, researchers believed 93% of the Reef to have been harmed by bleaching earlier this year, but at least some senators got to spend the arvo on a boat, hey?

Source: SBS.

Photo:  Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain / Facebook.