Pauline Hanson “Gifted” Tix Only 4 Days Before Trump’s Inauguration Event

Pretty much since the the first mention of President-Elect Donald Trump‘s inauguration ceremony, all we’ve heard about is musicians and dancers bailing on on their scheduled performances, celebrities jokingly offering to perform as long as they can perform songs such as Billie Holiday‘s ‘Strange Fruit’ or YG‘s ‘Fuck Donald Trump’, or celebs completely flat-out refusing to attend.
Example 1: 

Example 2:

Example 3:

While we’ve been watching celebs and politicians alike drop like flies from the guest list, there is one person in particular who is incredibly excited to attend. 
That would be One Nation leader Pauline Hanson
She’s tweeted saying she’s been “gifted” tickets to the inauguration ceremony (it’s unclear whether ‘gifted’ means ‘all expenses paid’):

‘Straya‘s most parodied pollie reckons she’s “still deciding” if she’ll go to the ceremony, which is only days away:

However, according to the Herald Sun, Hanson actually won’t be attending the inauguration ceremony. 
Ambassador to the US Joe Hockey will be attending as Australia’s representative. 
Bad luck Pauline – but considering those tickets were sent only 4 days before the actual event, we’re not sure if they were really expecting you to actually go anyway. Reeks of a last resort invite.

UPDATE: Pauline‘s confirmed she ain’t going. 
Turns out tickets to the US are pretty spenno at the last minute, especially when you can’t use the taxpayers sweet, sweet moolah.

Source: Twitter / @PaulineHansonOz.
Photo: Kristian Dowling / Getty.