Paris Hilton Has Responded To P!nk’s ‘Stupid Girls’ & Yeah, That Video Was Pretty Fked Up

Y2K queen, Paris Hilton, has been getting a lot off her chest in her brand new memoir and she’s revealed she felt shamed by P!nk‘s “Stupid Girls” music video.

Paris shared she felt a great deal of shame after P!nk mocked her infamous sex tape three years after its release. The 2000s icon said she felt unsupported by the singer when she say the parodied version.

The iconic heiress also said she felt pressured into making the sex tape, which doesn’t surprise me considering she was 19 and her then boyfriend, Rick Salomon was 33-years-old.

P!nk’s music video was released in 2006, re-shaming Paris all over again when the noise and slut-shaming from the 2003 tape had mostly died down.

Paris Hilton wrote in her memoir, “When everyone was buzzing about a sex tape of a certain teenage girl from a soon-to-be-hit TV show – a girl who said emphatically over and over that she did not want the tape out there – the takeaway was ‘Stupid Girl’”.

truly cooked [Source: “Stupid Girls” Music Video, 2006]
Turns out P!nk knew Paris was upset with the music vid, with the singer appearing on Watch What Happens Live (WWHL) five years ago and giving a pretty shady response to the drama.

A caller on the show poses the question: “Did you ever hear from any of the girls you parodied for “Stupid Girls”?”

“I did, actually.” Said P!nk. “Paris was upset with me.”

“I was at a club,” the singer said, “She [Paris] said ‘I just want you to I get it, I’m not dumb I just play like I’m dumb.’ And I was like, that’s kind of my point.”

Paris also spoke about how she had no idea the tape would ever be made public, and that she only agreed to it because she was “tipsy and tired”.

She went on to allege that Rick said he would find someone else to do the tape if Paris didn’t – which is totally fucked in its own right.

Rick sued Paris in the early aughts for defamation. But she countersued and was ultimately awarded USD 400K (AUD 600K) in damages.

I’d like to say we’ve come a long way from the slut-shaming and women-hating of the early 2000s, but unfortunately I don’t think that’s entirely true.

Paris says she isn’t holding a grudge against P!nk and she’s a more forgiving person than me, thats for sure.