Pants-Dropping Enthusiast Justin Bieber Posts Nude Booty On The ‘Gram

The past 18 months of Justin Bieber’s career have been focused on totally sanitising the bloke’s image. He’s apparently not the kinda guy to piss in buckets backstage any more – he now tags along to Hillsong services in Sydney. He’s trying desperately not to come across, as Seth Rogen said, as a “piece of shit” – he’s been almost affable in his cynicism-free Carpool Karaoke appearances.
(Not free of cynicism: this article. Don’t judge. Y’all know why you’re here.)
Anyway, you could almost say his entire persona has been whitewashed. Much like his bare, nearly-fluorescent arse, as depicted in a new, totally-candid-not-planned-at-all shot from the ‘Gram. Witness it: 

Dat ass doe @johnny photo cred

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Whether you’re an ardent follower of his butt or not, it’s worth noting he has been called out for his mooning antics recently; he dropped trou at some ancient Mayan ruins, because… well, honestly, we don’t fucking know. Sozpals. 
The most recent evidence of his favourite hobby came after the 22-year-old Canadian posted another utterly-spontaneous-and-not-carefully-crafted shot of him havin’ a kip by the water. Again: note them Hillsong lyrics.  

My soul breathing, I found my life when I laid it down

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Honestly, ol’ mate has been doing mostly-solid job of shifting up his PR, but it’s still a bit too early to tell if his new public persona will emerge as shiny, tight, round and perfectly-formed as his… CD’s. 
Source: Instagram