PSA: Pandora Has Teamed Up With Guardians Of The Galaxy To Release A Truly Stunnin Collection

Contributor: Pedestrian.TV

Shhhh. Hear that? It’s the sound of all your Guardians of the Galaxy drip dreams coming true my dear friend. You see, I have some news, good news even — Pandora has teamed up with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy to release a brand new collection of merch and my oh my it is divine.

The new collection will allow fans of Marvel’s favourite rag-tag group of heroes to style fun Guardians of the Galaxy-themed pieces in their own way — the perfect way to showcase ya love for the franchise.

The whole collection is expertly designed and crafted by the Pandora team to create some truly unmissable pieces of limited edition collector’s items. And these babies won’t just sit on your shelf collecting dust, they’ll be with you every day as you live your life, wearing your love for Guardians of the Galaxy on your sleeve, or wrist, or around your neck — you do you.

Ok now for some personal faves from the new drop.

Look at this adorable Groot are you kidding me right now??? 

No one man should have all that rizz.

To see the whole collection, check out Pandora’s website