Friday Ruiner: Charli, Welcome Pupperoo At Adelaide’s Oval Hotel, Was Mauled To Death

I’m genuinely so, so sorry to bring such horrific news to your Friday arvo.

It’s with a heavy heart I report that Charli, resident welcome dog at Adelaide’s Oval  Hotel, has tragically passed at just 19 weeks.

Charli the King Charles Cavalier was fatally attacked by another dog while being walked in a nearby suburb.

She was rushed to the vet but died on Thursday morning. Mega uber sad face.

The muse of and essentially Eloise at the Plaza of the Oval Hotel, Adelaide will be sorely missed by staff, partons, me, you and literally anyone with a heart.

“Charli had quickly become part of the fabric of the hotel and was loved by all,” said a spokesperson via Facebook. “To lose her in such a way is heartbreaking” they continued.

Charli was owned by the hotel, which opened for business just last month. Oval Hotel manager Mieke Sellers told Adelaide Now in September, “We’ve been working closely with the RSPCA to develop a care plan that will ensure Charli is safe, happy and well trained.”

Charli was purchased to make guests feel at home, visiting the hotel lobby multiple times per week. “Charli is a friendly face on arrival, a cheeky addition to an event experience, a warm welcome back to your room after a long day. She completes the ‘home away from home’ experience that Oval Hotel offers to every guest,” said Mieke.

Charli’s death has been reported to the appropriate authorities, Oval Hotel said.

“We will miss her so much.”