Our Mates In The States Sure Burnt Down A Lot Of Trees W/ July 4th Fireworks

Is there anything more American than causing massive collateral damage as a side effect of easy-to-access firepower and not taking enough time to consider the risks? Absolutely there is: crippling debt induced by a simple medical procedure thanks to medical prices that have been massively inflated by insurance companies. 

But that’s not very topical, so let’s go back to the fireworks thing.
As is the tradition, millions of people took it upon themselves to terrify neighbourhoods dogs by setting off fireworks in celebration of America’s birthday. As is also traditional, a portion of those people really stuffed up. 
LA Times journo and IRL saint Matt Pearce took it upon himself to find as many examples of people tweeting their astonishment at the tree they had inadvertently set on fire, and the results are truly, truly beautiful.

It just keeps on going.

And going.

Aaand going.

God bless the United States of America.
Photo: Twitter / @Serg_vsqz.