Oprah Finally Explained The Whole “YOU GET A CAR” Thing

Oprah Winfrey recently joined Entertainment Tonight to help them celebrate their 35th birthday by looking back on her most iconic moments.
Come on, you didn’t think Oprah celebrating ET’s birthday would be about ET, did you? No. Just Oprah. There is only Oprah. 
Anyway, during the interview, Oprah gave us all the answer we never knew was a question to begin with: the story behind “YOU GET A CAR!”
Here’s the scoop, straight from the source:
“I was saying [‘YOU GET A CAR!’] because people were screaming so loudly they didn’t know what was going on,” the queen explained. 

“Prior to that moment, I had said, ‘Open up your boxes. One person has a key.’ 

So when I looked at the faces of the audience, they go, ‘But I have a key … but she has a key,’ so that’s why I said, ‘You get a car! You get a car!’ to try to clarify, because they all looked so confused. Everybody gets a car!”
Well, there you have it. The answer to the question you never knew you wanted or needed. 
And regardless of whether you care about the story or not, it’s always a fabbo opportunity to re-watch one of the best Oprah videos of all time: in which she gives her entire audience a swarm of angry bees.
via ET Online.