One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts’ Media Advisor Arrested In Brisbane

In what I’m sure will come as a huge surprise to everyone everywhere, a staffer from One Nation – a political party whose defining traits are overt xenophobia and gross incompetence – has been taken into custody by police in Brisbane today.

Sean Black is the media advisor to One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts. You probably know Roberts as the guy in charge of wasting CSIRO‘s time by asking them nonsense questions about climate change and dismissing their well-researched answers by blurting out his signature catchphrase “Show me the empirical evidence” – a sentence he doesn’t seem to fully comprehend, but loves saying nonetheless.
Black was taken to the Roma Street watch-house this morning, with the ‘Courier Mail‘ reporting that he is facing multiple charges of common assault and assault occasioning bodily harm.
Black has previously worked for both the Labor Party and the Liberal Party and, according to the ‘Sydney Morning Herald, has a pretty ~interesting~ history:
“He was accused of bullying and flying into fits of uncontrollable rage during his years as a Queensland local councillor, tried to set up the Australian version of the US Tea Party fringe group and was kicked out of a restaurant when he threw a coaster at a man wearing a T-shirt insulting Tony Abbott.

“Mr Black is also the ex-husband of Hajnal Ban, a former Liberal Party figure who underwent radical bone-breaking cosmetic surgery to make her taller but whose fledgling political career was cut short when she was found to have misused vast sums of money taken from an elderly friend suffering dementia.”
Complaints about Black were first made to Queensland Police in August of last year.
This comes at a time when Pauline Hanson‘s chief-of-staff, James Ashby, has come under fire for a recording in which he suggested fleecing money for the party through selling advertising packs to candidates. The matter has been referred to the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Electoral Commission by the Labor Party.
What a bunch of professionals.
Source: Courier Mail.
Photo: Facebook.