NSW Cops Warn Disaster Tourists To Stop Taking Dumb Flood Selfies

There are a number of normal and good individual responses to a natural disaster. Escaping the affected area. Feeling empathy and sorrow for those affected. One response that is less good is making your way towards the affected area so you can get a HELLA SWEET disaster selfie.

In the wake of the floods and storm damage in northern NSW, cops have issued a press release basically telling people to stop being drongos and stay out of the area. Go on. Gittouttathere.
Superintendant Wayne Starling confirmed there had been people trying to cop selfies with damaged houses and properties in the background.
A large number of our community members who were severely affected are focused on restoring their lives and property to some degree of normality,
It is neither appropriate nor respectful to attend these areas for the sole purpose of sightseeing. Moreover, it may be dangerous given the condition of the roads in and around the area as well as the general condition of the area as the recovery process moves forward.

As the weekend approaches, unless you are entering flood affected areas to provide community support, which is greatly appreciated by those affected, police ask that you consider the circumstances of our community members and not enter the disaster area.

Police are actively patrolling flood affected areas and you will be turned away if you are attending as a disaster tourist; not only for your own safety but also so that the community can focus on the recovery effort.
There ya go. Stay out of it, folks.
Source: NSW Police.
Photo: Instagram.