GOOD: Folks Have Reclaimed A Dumb Anti-Vax Hashtag To Spread Awareness About Organ Donation

not an organ donor anymore

Folks have reclaimed a dumb anti-vax hashtag to spread awareness about organ donation, which is a bloody good end to what could’ve been an awful news story, not gonna lie.

Yesterday, Queensland Health confirmed that people need to have two doses of a COVID vaccine to be eligible for a kidney, lung or heart transplant.

The decision is based on “national and international practices regarding transplantation and vaccination protocols” and is made to ensure the safety of those that undergo these procedures, who have a significantly weakened immune system after the operation, per the statement via 7News.

“The safety and wellbeing of all our patients is our number one priority,” Queensland Health said.

“A recipient is highly immunosuppressed post-transplant, which is why it’s incredibly important for the person to be vaccinated prior to transplant. Queensland Health prioritises safety before, during, and after a transplant.

“That is why the Queensland Kidney Transplant Service has endorsed a minimum requirement of two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine prior to receiving a kidney, lung, or heart transplant.

“Prior to transplant and as per normal process, the recipient must ensure all of their vaccinations are up to date.

“The COVID-19 vaccination is no different.”

Naturally, however, anti-vaxxers aren’t pleased about this. Over on Twitter, they spat the dummy and tweeted their frustrations with the hashtag #NotAnOrganDonorAnymore.

Then sensible fully-vaccinated ledges reclaimed the hashtag and turned it into an opportunity to raise awareness of organ donations, encourage others to register and check if they are still currently registered themselves.

“Thanks to the #NotAnOrganDonorAnymore hashtag, I quickly discovered I wasn’t an organ donor to begin with,” wrote one user.

“It took 10 seconds to register. Go to MyGov -> Medicare -> Organ Donation. And if you can, select all the boxes.”

“Since this hashtag has started I have decided to double-check my registration and book a time to donate blood,” wrote another.

“Thanks, anti-vaxxers, never would have done this without you!”

Truly, you love to see it.