At every festival so many of us go outta our ways to convince ourselves (and every other fezzy goer) that we’re fre$h AF. We mean, why wouldn’t ya devote time to ~fezzy fashion~, when it provides such a perfect distraction from sharing drop toilets, bathing in baby wipes and sharing a tent with the socks you’ve worn for three days straight. 
Falls Festival was no exception this year. 

There were some crafty and considerate characters getting amongst the lush-ness that is Lorne. We couldn’t help but snap pics that’ll make you go, “Niiiice, Gary” and provide ya’ll with sweet inspo to revel in – especially now that you’re back at your desk-bound gig contemplating what #NewYearNewMe really means. 

Check ’em out. 
Photo: Paigge Frankie.