New Poll Shows A Whopping 80% Of Voters Keen On Turnbull Over Shorten

In ‘no-shit-we-totally-weren’t-expecting-this-at-all-nuh-uh-not-even-a-little-bit’ kinda news, a new voter poll has showed that current PM Malcolm Turnbull‘s really hitting all the right notes.

The ReachTEL poll, which was conducted through Channel 7 News, asked participants who they thought would be/is a better Prime Minister out of Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten
Turnbull smashed it out of the park, nabbing 80.8% of the votes. Shorten was left with 19.2%. 
This means Shorten’s popularity has dipped even lower, because last time this poll happened, Shorten was on 28.7%. Which still ain’t great. But now, he’s at his lowest ever rating.

Maybe this has to do with the fact that Turny’s stayed well out of the media spotlight for the past month or so? Or maybe it has to do with ol’ mate Shorten doing all kinds of weird crap in supermarkets, and apparently basing an entire political campaign around lettuce
Regardless, it’s lookin’ pretty cushy for the Liberal Party, as it stands. 
If you’d like to get your political stat nerd game going, you can read the full poll HERE.

Source: 7 News
Photo: Stefan Postles / Getty.