The Senate Inquiry into the human rights issues faced at Nauru Detention Centre have come to an end.

The inquiry found that conditions in the centre were “not adequate, appropriate or safe for the asylum seekers detained there”, and recommended that the Australian government immediately remove all children on Nauru, and their families. It also called for a ‘full audit’ of all allegations of sexual abuse, child abuse, or other criminal conduct. 

“The committee is deeply concerned that without this inquiry, the allegations heard and evidence received would not have been uncovered,” its report said.

“There appears to be no other pathway for those affected by what they have seen and experienced in the Regional Processing Centre (RPC) on Nauru to disclose allegations of mistreatment, abuse or to make complaints. 

“The committee believes that no guarantee can be given by the department that any aspect of the RPC is run well, and that no guarantee of transparency and accountability can be given until significant changes are made and accountability systems are put in place.” 

“Australia created the Regional Processing Centre in Nauru. It is Australia’s responsibility and in its present form, it is unsupportable…”

While Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has claimed he is ‘open to recommendations’, he has immediately slammed the report as ‘a political witchhunt’, saying that the committee is dominated of Labor & Greens MPs. However, the committee as it currently stands contains two Labor senators, two Liberal senators, and one Greens senator, Sarah Hanson-Young

The inquiry has also recommended that the AHRC (Australian Human Rights Commission) and the media should be allowed in Nauru. 

Wait… You mean to say you’d like open and honest communication in terms of basic human rights, AND the ability to show the general public what’s happening in a place where even the doctors can be jailed for speaking out about abuse?! Honestly, this is clearly a witchhunt that revolves around political party biffs, and not the physical, mental and sexual wellbeing of human beings. Ridiculous. *eyeroll*

via ABC
Image via Peter Drew Arts’ Instagram