Natalie Tran Made $100,000 From Youtube Last Year

Blah blah changing media landscape blah blah the internet yadda yadda DOOM! That, more or less, is how pessimistic media pundits have explained the web’s cuckolding of traditional media. I mean, magazines are failing to divert eyeballs from their speedier kin (there are exceptions of course). Newspapers will soon become hulking dinosaurs (extinct and cumbersome) as consumers embrace the ability to curate their own editorial mix digitally and recent journalism graduates now have the earning capacity of food products that look vaguely like B-Grade celebrities. No one watches TV on an actual television anymore and internet radio is like regular radio but without ear-bleeding adverts of the slightest chance of hearing Nickelback (unless you’re into that kind of thing of course).

Thankfully, at least some people are making mad bank by embracing the weird revenue models the internet affords creative content makers. Take Natalie Tran for instance – better known as the custodian of Community Channel Australia’s most subscribed to Youtube channel of all time. From June 2009 to July 2010 the Sydney-residing video blogger garnered a whopping 138,871,829 Youtube views, which, when teased through a hard to understand revenue algorithm which takes into account banner ad CPMs, views and a 50-50 revenue split – equates to an estimated $101,000.

All that from uploading self-deprecating, well observed skits and tapping into the inherent yellow fever plaguing internet nerds. Just kidding on the last one, sincerest congratulations to Tran who not only produces killer content with consistency and wit but was the only woman AND Australian to grace the top ten Youtube earners list for 2009.

Check out Tran’s latest upload below. You’ll actually be making her money in the process.

Tube Mogul via Daily Mail