This Company Wants To Give You $$ For Recycling Old Containers, So Go Make Captain Planet Proud

Well well well, would you look at the time? Looks like it’s National Recycling Week AKA the perfect time to instil some fun new habits that will not only help save the planet, but you’ll get to impress that hunk Captain Planet too.

It can be tempting to view recycling in a cynical way, but every little bit really does help. Every day we vote for the world we want to live in by our actions, and if you can make this giant space rock just a little bit nicer, why not do it?

Enough of us take action, no matter how small, and who knows? Maybe we have a shot at Not Dying Very Soon. From little things big things grow and all that.

So many of our 10¢ containers end up in landfill, and that’s a real shame because these items can be easily given a new life by refund points that recycle them, keeping them out of planet-choking landfill.

Containers for Change, Western Australia’s 10¢ container deposit scheme, puts it best on their website: “When you throw away your empty drink containers, you’re feeding The Fill. But together, we can save these containers from landfill, and they can go on to live another life. Don’t let your container’s potential go to waste.”

So how does it work? Simples — just save your 10¢ containers, bring them to a Containers for Change refund point, and earn a 10¢ refund for every accepted container you return, or you can choose to donate your refund to a charity or local community group.

If you’re unsure whether you can donate a specific container, just check if it has a 10¢ mark on it — if it does, it’s good to go. But as a general rule, “Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and carton drink containers between 150ml and 3L can be saved,” according to Containers for Change. 

Since starting in October 2020, Western Australians have donated more than $6.1 million to schools, charities, community groups, and local clubs through Containers for Change.

According to Containers for Change, Western Australians have saved more than 1.65 billion worth 10¢ containers from landfill — sending $165 million back into the pockets of Western Australians in the process.

Despite this, 530 million 10¢ containers are still lost to landfill every year in Western Australia. That’s $53 million in potential refunds.

So, recycle your 10¢ containers if you’re able to — you’ll make Captain Planet happy and you’ll save some dosh. A win win if there ever was one.