Molly The Magpie’s Gold Coast ‘Owners’ Get Some Good News After Days Of Sad-Posting On Main

The Queensland couple behind the famous Molly the magpie social media accounts have received some good news in their bid to have the bird returned to their inter-species family. After days of uncertainty, it looks like Molly might be coming home. Emphasis on the might.

After the internet famous magpie was seized by authorities due to neither of its carers Juliette Wells and Reece Mortensen possessing the credentials or training to keep a wild animal, the Gold Coast couple caused a media frenzy to try and get the bird returned to them.

Their petition ended up catching the attention of Queensland Premier Steven Miles, as well as global media outlets, and as a result it looks like some good news has been delivered to Wells and Mortensen as they had “an exciting update”.

In a post to their two million social media followers across platforms, Wells confirmed that she received “a long awaited phone call” from someone close to the Department of Environment, Science & Innovation (DESI) director.

“To say we are relieved is an understatement,” she posted.

“We weren’t given too much detail but we were assured that DESI are currently looking at options to proceed with.

“We will be contacted again by the end of the week with the process and updates.”

Wells shared that when she asked how Molly the magpie was doing that she was told he is safe and healthy, however she was not told of his current location.

The photographer told her followers that though there were some “legal frameworks” that would need to be processed, they are hopeful for the best.

Source: @peggyandmolly Instagram.

And honestly, thank goodness for the good news, because the amount of sad magpie content on the timeline was getting a bit much.

In what has undoubtedly been a tough time for the family that consists of two humans, two English Staffies, and a magpie that was *cough* illegally *cough* raised as a pet and used for Instagram clout, the response from the former carers has been to share their grief extensively.

Anyone who has lost a pet in any way knows how heartbreakingly sad it is. Thankfully, as any unlicensed therapist will advise you, the cure to sadness is extensively documenting it on social media.

Which is exactly what has been done.

Sure, animal content combined with heartbreak is like crack to the algorithm, and basically an infinite source of likes.

But much like actual crack, it’s addictive and will only leave you desperate for more hits.

Many followers have continued to shower support for Wells, Mortensen, and Peggy the dog in this situation.

“Fingers crossed this is the beginning of the end & this little fella is back where he belongs. Positive thoughts to all of you,” commented one follower.

“I’ve phoned the the Premiere Steven Miles office today three times,” said another (highly) devoted follower, in response to Wells’ callout for fans to contact the Queensland Premier about the issue.

Please someone just give this couple their magpie back before they find another bird.

[Image Credit: Juliette Wells Instagram]