Animal Rights Activists Slam Miranda Kerr’s Skincare Brand For Using Goat Milk

miranda kerr kora organics

Animal rights activists have come for Miranda Kerr and her Kora Organics skincare brand today after graphic footage of animal cruelty against goats surfaced.

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Footage from a Victorian farm showing newborn goats dying slow, painful deaths from being bludgeoned with metal poles has pulled at the heartstrings of animal rights activists and anyone with a soul.

Animal rights group Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV) released the graphic footage today to alert the public that the cruelty is protected by law and is a standard practice across the Australian farming industry.

Miranda Kerr and her organic skincare range, Kora have been brought into the scandal because ALV has called for major brands to boycott goat milk and remove it from their products.

“In this footage, babies that are 24 hours old or younger are slaughtered by blunt force trauma, which in this case is a metal pole slammed into their heads,” Emma Hakansson, an ALV spokesperson told

UPDATE: In a statement headed ‘Wins For The Goats!, Animal Rights Victoria said that Kora Organics has now removed the goat’s milk product as a result of their campaign.

Kora Organics said in a statement:

“Kora Organics would never condone this appalling treatment of animals. We have no knowledge of our suppliers ever engaging in this behaviour Nevertheless, our only product that contained goat milk is a soap and it has been discontinued.”

In addition to no longer using goat milk, Kora Organics is a strictly cruelty-free company, and is almost entirely vegan (apart from two products which contain beeswax). The company is even backed by PETA and carries their logo on packaging.

The footage is pretty terrifying nonetheless, showing the process of how male goats are slaughtered because they can’t produce milk.

“No male animal is ever going to produce milk, only mothers do for their babies, and so almost all male animals are slaughtered just after their birth,” Ms Hakansson said. “Most of the females are used to breed, but when mothers no longer produce milk at an efficient rate, they’re slaughtered as well.

Specific numbers are hard to gauge due to a lack of records, but 17 animals were killed during the three-day filming period.

“That’s why in the dead pile at the end of the footage, you can see both adults and babies.”

The ALV aims to target a different brand every week as part of their campaign against using dairy in products.

“We want to encourage people to make kinder choices. There are plant-based soaps, vegan cheeses, vegan milk — plenty of things that you can purchase that don’t support this kind of cruelty.”