Michaelia Cash Continues Very Bad Week By Hiding Behind A Whiteboard

We’ve all been there: you fuck-up at work, and have to show yourself the next day. Owning up to your mistakes like an adult absolutely sucks arse, when it’s so much easier and nicer to simply hide your head in the sand until somebody else fucks up worse.

That seems to be the method that Michaelia Cash is employing at the moment. I’d like the stress that Cabinet ministers on six-figure salaries have no right in the world to employ this method, but it seems to be what she’s going for.

Case in point: she’d literally rather hide behind a whiteboard than face  media for two whole seconds about her bizarre threat yesterday.

Here she is, walking down the hall to Estimates

Source: ABC News.

…and here she is again, behind the whiteboard, to the sounds of laughter from the press gathered to greet her.

Source: ABC News.

Honestly, watch these with sound on – they’re laughing. At her. For hiding behind a whiteboard.

It begs the huge question: why? If Cash had simply ignored the media or downplayed the whole thing, it might – might – have been a blip on the evening news, footage used as part of a larger story about the fallout from yesterday.

Instead, here we all are, reporting on it.

“I simply asked Senator Cash if she wanted to apologise, or make a brief statement,” tweeted journalist Eliza Edwards. “What should’ve been footage of the Minister walking into Estimates turned into a farce.”

Still, it wouldn’t be another day in Australian politics without the entire thing turning into some insane circus. As you were.