Tell Us How You’ve Wildly Messed Up Your Laundry & We Might Sling Ya A New Washing Machine

We’ve all messed up the washing at least once. Shrunk our favourite jumper. Turned all our white clothes pink. Left wet washing in the machine for three days until it stinks out the whole laundry.

Let’s face it: washing ya clothes is kinda hard! It’s like science, which I famously gave up at the end of year 10. I simply am not qualified to *not* shrink my clothes ’til they all fit Barbie and turn all my whites the same sickly shade of peach. Now I just don’t buy white clothing. I’ll get married in a black wedding dress, IDC.

Luckily for you, the legends at Westinghouse might sling you one of two brand new washing machines (check ’em out here and here) if you can tell us about how badly you’ve messed up your laundry. I’m talkin’ like, I-need-to-buy-an-entire-new-wardrobe levels of messed up.

Ever wanted to get your terrible laundry woes off your chest? Now you can.

WIN: Tell Us How You’ve Wildly Messed Up Your Laundry & We Might Sling Ya A New Washing Machine

Now my friends, I wish I could enter this competition because I found my washing machine on the side of the street. It floods my bathroom periodically, probably in some kind of laundry protest (perhaps I offended it by washing delicates in hot water?) Alas, I cannot enter, so I implore you – go nab yourself a new washing machine!

A Westinghouse washer will make your laundry a piece of cake, I’m telling ya. No science doctorate necessary.

Check it out – there’s even a Fast 20-minute mode on this bad boy. Ever needed to just give your work clothes a speedy sudding before you head off in the morning? Now you can with Westinghouse. Thanks besties.

To suss out more features of said washo machos (it’ll catch on) (it won’t), head on over ‘ere.