Melbs Is Planning To Be More Skate-Friendly So You Can Tony Hawk It To Work

People that aren’t from Melbourne tend to make fun of Melbourne for being so, well… Melbourne-y, and it’s hard to deny: it really is.
They love their laneways, they love their ridiculous food trends, they love wearing scarves and lots of black, they love their dumb, perfect, beautiful progressive premier.
While a lot of it is laughably ridiculous, they’re also the only city in Australia currently considering trying to make the whole city more skate friendly so, uh, suck on that, the rest of us.
They’re currently canvassing feedback on their plans to make new spaces for skaters, improve existing ones, and improve the skateability of regular public spaces. According to their nifty proposal video, skating promotes community, health and sustainability:
How rad is that? The way they talk about skating you’d almost think it wasn’t the devil’s tool:
“The City of Melbourne recognises skating as a legitimate recreational and sporting activity that is accessible and easy to participate in, and which contributes to the liveliness of the city while promoting healthy, active lifestyles for all people. 

“Like other activities that attract people into the city and public spaces, skating generates economic activity and income. Skating is also a legitimate form of sustainable transport.”
If you reckon this is a pretty cool idea, this is a good chance for you to weigh in and say “hey, this is a pretty cool idea”. The survey is here, give it 5 minutes of your time maybe.