Congrats Melb, It’s Looking Like The Next Lot Of Eased Restrictions May Be Announced This Week

dan andrews 90 percent eased restrictions victoria

It’s looking like Victorians will be seeing a bunch more restrictions easing by the end of the week, with Premier Dan Andrews saying the state will switch to new settings when the state hits its 90% double dose target.

Andrews made the not-announcement in his daily presser on Tuesday, noting he wasn’t making the announcement today, or tomorrow, but maybe Thursday. Or Friday. Or maybe Saturday. But definitely not today (Tuesday), considering 87.8% of Victoria’s 16+ population is fully vaxxed.

“We’ll make exciting announcements about reaching our 90% double-dose target, a credit to every single Victorian who has gone and got the jab, done exactly what we asked them to do,” he said.

A little later this week we’ll be able to have a chat about when we’ll move from these settings to new settings, when that switch will happen.

“We have to be clear on exactly what day we will tick over the 90%, and consistent with what we did at 80% and 70% as well, we’re trying to give people as much notice as possible.”

So what will the eased restrictions at 90% double dose look like for Victoria? The big one is that masks will move to only being worn in “sensitive settings only”, like hospitals, public transport, and places where you can’t socially distance from others.

If we take a squizz at the Victorian Government’s roadmap, the 90% section (which was projected to kick in from November 24th, by the way) says there’s no limits on capacities and densities, and also no limit on private gatherings.

It also states that major events can be held without any density limits or attendee caps for the fully vaccinated, but there may be some capacity limits for some events depending on the vax levels of attendees.

Whether these are the exact eased restrictions that Dan Andrews will be announcing on the day of his announcement (which is yet to be announced) is yet to be seen. Fingers crossed we get some more freedoms to enjoy this beautiful, unseasonably fucking freezing, Melbourne weather.