‘MasterChef’s Instant Noodle Challenge Inspired People To Share Their Best Noodle Hacks

masterchef instant noodle

If you needed any more convincing that this season of MasterChef is the best season to date, may I present to you: the instant noodle challenge.

The chefs were challenged to pimp out a bowl of regular ol’ instant noods, much like our very own Lucinda and JC in Bootleg Big Brother, and holy shit, they nailed it.

Poh won the challenge with a truly *chef’s kiss* seafood noodle dish that sure makes your Maggi 2-minute noodles look pathetic.


While Poh and Jess thrived under the pressure of making instant noodles taste like a gourmet meal, Simon didn’t do so well.


But the only thing better than Poh’s gourmet lobster dish was the Twitter commentary that accompanied tonight’s episode.

We’re all cooped up in isolation and many of us have started experimenting in the kitchen, which means Twitter has been flooded with people sharing their expert noodle hacks. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your regular instant noodle dinner, please feast your eyes (and your tastebuds) on these inspirational tweets.

If you’re not exactly an instant ramen connoisseur, let’s start with the simple stuff. Apparently cooking your egg in broth helps to give it that *Carl’s chef kiss* flavour you’d usually get with authentic ramen. Who knew?

But if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, Twitter user Natasha shared this recipe that sounds straight out of a Michelin star restaurant.

Or, you could try this spicy take on a carbonara that sounds absolutely mouth-watering.

And let’s not forget the most important instant noodle hack of all: chocolate spiders. Yes. These delicious lunchbox treats are also made of fried/instant noodles. And yes, I will be making a commercial-sized batch for breakfast tomorrow.

If you really want to add a bit of ~flavour~ to your instant noodles, you can do what Chris does and absolutely drown them in what looks like BBQ sauce. You do you, Chris. You do you.

It turns out you can even use instant noodles as a pre-game before your next night out, which is… something.

But here at PEDESTRIAN.TV, we’re not here to shame you if you simply don’t want to pimp out your instant noodles. I mean, they’re called INSTANT noodles for a reason. There’s no shame in eating them out of a mixing bowl while you’re hungover.

Whether you’re gunning for a Michelin star with your instant noodles, or you’re a hungover piece of shit on the couch, I think we can all agree that instant noodles are a top-tier food.