Our New Mental Health Podcast Covers Everything From Toxic Relationships To Money Trouble

Quality bloke Marty Smiley is gearing up for the release of a new mental health podcast from yours truly, PEDESTRIAN.TV, and the good folk at Kids Helpline. It’s called H R U? and it’s going to open up (even more) the conversation around youth mental health.

Over eight episodes Marty (who used to be a youth worker), a featured guest and a Kids Helpline Specialist will get stuck into topics like money troubles, sexual health, loneliness, identity, and toxic relationships.

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Episode 1 kicks it off with a candid discussion about anxiety, especially in the context of loss and suffering. Marty chats to Aussie muso Adit Gauchan, one-half of hip hop duo Horrorshow. Their latest album, The New Normal, is an intimate look at loss and grief. In January, Adit lost his younger brother to cancer. For him and his family, their Hindu culture played a huge part in processing the grief.

“Something that we do in our culture – every culture has their own rituals and various things that they might observe – but something that my family did that was very help and quite beautiful was this period of mourning, more of a drawn out period of mourning,” Adit shares.

He and his family all stayed under the same roof and fasted for two weeks. “It really was about being in the moment, experiencing it, and experiencing it to its fullness,” he says.

And to alleviate anxiety, Adit says he listens to the music he loves. “Sometimes do it really, really loudly,” he adds. “Turn that shit up.”

The podcast drops tomorrow, but for a sneak peek hit up the video below.