Margot Robbie Hits Forbes ‘Most Influential Under 30’ List, Top Effort Aye

Precious Aussie angel Margot Robbie is now officially one of those lucky scallywags on the Forbes list of ~Most Influential People Under 30~
The talented actress who we, as a country, claim as our own personal success story, is a rising A-lister in Hollywood thanks to her roles in ‘Wolf on Wall Street‘, ‘The Big Short‘, and ‘Suicide Squad‘. 
She’ll soon be reprising her role as the psychopathic Harley Quinn in a standalone movie about DC Universe villainesses Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy, but we’ll always remember her as Donna Freedman in Neighbours. 
The list also features another fab Aussie-born actress, Mia Wasikowska, who’s known for her roles in Crimson PeakAlice Through The Looking Glass, and last but not least, extremely good Aussie soap ‘All Saints‘. 
The list also included Samira Wiley from ‘Orange is the New Black‘, new yung Han Solo Alden Ehrenreich, Hilary Duff for some reason, Elle Fanning, Youtuber turned talk show host Tyler Oakley, and star of ‘WestworldEvan Rachel Wood
To see the full list (if you like dying of jealousy or something, you enormous weirdo), head here:

Source: Forbes.
Photo: Neighbours.