Mardi Gras: Shorten Slams “Half-Arsed” Turnbull Over Marriage Equality

Yesterday evening was a night of firsts for Sydney’s annual Mardi Gras parade – Malcolm Turnbull became the first sitting Prime Minister to attend the event, while Bill Shorten became the first leader of a major political party to actively participate.
To think, it only took 38 years for both those things to happen. 
For all the symbolic significance of Turnbull’s appearance, his party is still clinging to idea of a same-sex marriage plebiscite instead of just putting it to a parliamentary vote, and in media interviews, Shorten was quick to point this out.
The Labor leader – who has promised marriage equality within 100 days if elected – accused Turnbull of letting party politics override his conscience, saying:

“You can’t be half-arsed when it comes to equality. The old Malcolm Turnbull would have marched in the parade but the new Malcolm Turnbull can’t march because he’s so in thrall to the right wing of his party.”
Deputy opposition leader Tanya Plibersek, who also marched in the parade, added her support, saying:

“Same-sex couples deserve the legal recognition, social recognition and recognition of their love that marriage can bring to a relationship.”
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Source: News Corp.
Photo: Instagram.