March 4 Justice Organisers Explain Where Cash Is Going After Over $44K Is Raised In Five Days

march 4 justice protest australia

Following the rape allegations in Parliament House by Brittany Higgins, and the historical rape allegations made against Attorney-General Christian Porter in the last month, a snap protest – Women’s March 4 Justice – has been called to demand an independent inquiry into gendered violence within Austalia’s Parliament and its staff.

Within a week of being announced, the March 4 Justice collective has raised over $44,000 through GoFundMe, and gathered tens of thousands of signatures for a petition to be delivered to Parliament House in Canberra next week.

The march, launched by Melbourne woman Janine Hendry when she floated the idea of getting 4000 people to surround Parliament House in Canberra, has turned into a nationwide event spanning capital cities and regional hubs with thousands of people keen to protest in solidarity with women and victims of gendered violence at midday on Monday, March 15.

After creating the event, a GoFundMe page was launched to help cover the costs of securing permits, organising sound systems and logistics, and providing hand sanitiser and masks to meet COVID-safe standards, and has since gained serious traction.

With large donations coming in from notable (and politics-adjacent) Australians like Lucy Turnbull, Jessica Rudd, and Julia Zemiro, an organiser for the Sydney rally has stipulated what will be done with the raised funds.

“The Sydney organisers advised that the GoFundMe funds were being utilised to cover event costs such as logistics, sound, permits,” organiser Jaime Evans said to PEDESTRIAN.TV

“Any remaining funds after next week will be divided and distributed amongst not for profit organisations that align with the demands and values of the march, to be announced next week.”

Alongside the fundraising initiative, the Sydney March 4 Justice event will hear from speakers on Monday, including proud Torres Strait Islander woman and Indigenous Engagement Advisor for Women & Leadership Australia Kat Henaway, domestic abuse journalist Jess Hill, and Michael Bradley, who was the legal representative for the victim in the Christian Porter allegations.

The protest also aims to deliver a petition to Parliament House in Canberra, demanding Prime Minister Scott Morrison act against gendered violence within Parliament, including an independent wide-reaching review commissioned by the High Court of gendered violence in Australia’s Parliaments, including Federal Parliament.