Man Arrested, Four Injured In Knife Attack At Melbourne Train Station

Victoria Police say that they have arrested a 45-year-old man after an alleged knife attack at Glenhuntly train station in Melbourne‘s south-east.
Four women have been hospitalised in the wake of the incident. Police say that the man approached the women at around 11am, and “stabbed a handbag one of them was carrying.”
Reports indicate that the knife “broke in half”, after which the man assaulted the women. Channel 7 spoke to witnesses who claim that he pushed three of the women onto train tracks, and “punched” another in the head. 

The women, one of whom is understood to be in her 80s, have all been taken to hospital with “non-life threatening” head and leg injuries. 

Witnesses say that the alleged attacker appeared “calm” as he pushed the women on to the tracks. The 45-year-old, reportedly from Carnegie, is currently speaking to police. 
Source: News Corp.
Photo: Krity Mayr / Twitter.