Man Achieves Life-Long Goal of Wrestling A Huge Shark for Hours, Because ‘Straya

We love a good ol’ fashioned shark tale as much as the next guy, so we were absolutely delighted to hear that an absolutely crazy 19 year-old QLD dude wrestled a four metre long Tiger Shark over the Easter weekend.

Max Muggeridge was fishing on the Tweed Coast, and managed to hook the huge shark – and immediately realised he was in a spot of bother.

“About 20 seconds into the fight I realised I had maybe bitten off a little bit more than I could chew,” he said. “I first hooked it at 7.15am and I got it on to the land at 10.30am. My hands are covered in blood blisters.’’

We were personally a little confused as to why running away wasn’t an option that entered his mind, until Muggeridge said: “Catching something like this has certainly been a life-long goal.”

He released the shark back into the sea, but not before taking hella pics of him giving his new shark friend/foe a big cuddle.

So there we go, 3 hours of shark wrassling. BECAUSE FUCK YEAH ‘STRAYA!

Image via Courier Mail