Malcolm Turnbull Decries ‘Fascism’ After USyd Protesters Told Him To Fuck Off Back To Mosman

malcolm turnbull usyd university of sydney protest

Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has labelled a protest during his appearance at a University of Sydney Law Society event as “complete fascism” and a “dreadful state of affairs”.

Turnbull was escorted from the university on Thursday afternoon after protesters told him to “fuck off back to Mosman, fuck off back to Wentworth” and slammed Coalition-led Federal Governments for budgets that attempted to deregulate university fees which would have resulted in some degrees costing $100,000.

Per The Sydney Morning Herald, a protester accused the USyd Law Society of booking the former PM under the guise of “free speech”.

“The Law Society, which is a student group, is inviting someone on campus under the guise of free speech, when this man and his party have literally been one of the single most damaging forces to higher education, to climate change, to refugee policy,” they said.

Turnbull told the SMH is alma mater needs to explain whether it will be run by “a very noisy, aggressive minority of people with loudhailers”.

“There’s no free speech at Sydney University unless the people with the loudhailers allow it to happen,” he said.

“I don’t know what they’re paying the Senate and officials at the university for if they’re not in charge of their own campus.”

Police eventually escorted Turnbull out of the venue and shut down the speaking engagement, which then shifted to an online event. Around 20 people were removed from the event by security.

A spokesperson from USyd told the SMH it has apologised to the former prime minister and plans to investigate the issue further. They also said that any attempts to shut down invited speakers “breaches the core values of our university”.