Macquarie Uni Revokes Degrees From Students Caught Cheating From MyMaster Website

Back in November last year, the Sydney Morning Herald uncovered a massive cheating scandal taking place across tertiary institutions in Sydney – where students were revealed to have been buying “ghostwritten” assignments from a now-defunct website, ‘MyMaster’.

If you go to uni in New South Wales, chances are, your institution was affected by the scandal – rats were found to be in the ranks of The University of Sydney, Macquarie University, UTS, the University of Newcastle, University of New South Wales, Curtin University, University of Wollongong and University of Western Sydney.

Keep in mind, too – this is just from a single, poorly-disguised cheating website. Countless other services which put more effort into discretion are rumoured/straight up known to exist.

Following an investigation by the University of Newcastle earlier this year, two students were reportedly expelled from the university after using with MyMaster; today, Macquarie University has announced two students’ degrees have been revoked, and ten students have been prevented from graduating – after credit points for subjects obtained while using MyMaster were nullified.

At Macquarie University overall, there were reportedly 128 requests lodged to MyMaster for assignments – making them the the institution with the widest use of MyMaster – slightly ahead of the University of Newcastle’s 123 student requests. Among Macquarie students, Marketing and Accounting subjects made up almost half of the areas where students requested work from the site.

According to Macquarie University, 36 of their students were found to have been using MyMaster, and all have been placed on academic probation until the completion of their studies. Beyond that, all 36 students have had to complete an “ethics assessment” assigned by the university.

Which is a pretty soft punishment, tbh. 

Via Macquarie University. 
Image via Facebook