Macquarie Uni Investigating Claims of Students Sexually Harassing Tutors

Macquarie University Law School is investigating into claims of sexual harassment, bullying, and ‘upskirting’ of at least one female tutor. 

The female tutor believed to be involved has not commented on the harassment, and has instead directed all questions to the University’s Media department. 
It is illegal to film the genitals of another person (for the purpose of sexual arousal or gratification) without their consent, and it carries a maximum sentence of 2 years in gaol. 
The Dean of Macquarie University Law School, Natalie Klein, sent a to-the-point, stern email to all students earlier in the week, asking the people responsible to come forward and saying that sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated:

“I am both concerned and angry to have heard that there are issues of sexual harassment, bullying, upskirting and defamatory communications occurring among students in relation to the Law School’s teaching staff,” Professor Klein wrote.

“This conduct is completely unacceptable within the Macquarie Law School community and it should not be the type of community that you as law students would want to be creating or be part of at the outset of your degree. The peers that you have today could well be the peers that will continue with you into the legal profession and you should have a say in who those people are and what conduct is acceptable to you. (This) must stop immediately and you should play a part in restoring a positive and respectful environment for all members of the Law School community.”

A spokesperson for the University made a statement yesterday: “Macquarie University takes allegations of sexual harassment extremely seriously, because the safety and welfare of our staff and students are paramount. However, it would be inappropriate to comment further as an internal investigation is under way.”
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