Maccas Malaysia Crowdsource ‘Big Mac Chant’ Via Dubsmash, Cop Batshit Entries

Maccas Malaysia are hella keen to be down with the ~youf~, and it knows you lot are frothing over that little lip-sync app known as DUBSMASH [10/10 WOULD DOWNLOAD AGAIN.]
If you dabble in the world of Dubsmash, you know shit can get very weird, very fast: one minute you’re riffing Jim Carrey in Cable Guy and the next you’re this dude:
Welp, Maccas Malaysia is finding out just how whack shit can get when you offer hungry people free burgers in exchange for their creativity, after launching a comp for fans to create a new version of the long-running ‘Big Mac Chant’ (“Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bunnnnn”), using Dubsmash.
Entries that maim the classic have been flooding in via Instagram under the hashtag #samasamaBigMac, and we’re having more trouble processing 9/10 of them than a triple-patty McChicken after a bender. 
Just watch, pls. 

Come and win BigMac together !! ???? ???? !!! #samasamaBigMac

A video posted by Michell Lim (@hanxiiaoaii) on

I want eat Big Mac !! #samasamabigmac @mcdonaldsmalaysia

A video posted by Angela Ting (@angelating99) on

We give his performance 4 / 5 pickles. 

We all love Big Mac;) #samasamabigmac @mcdonaldsmalaysia

A video posted by janice oh (@janice_oh84) on

?????? A #samasamabigmac instavideo exclusively created for you @mcdonaldsmalaysia ??????

A video posted by Jimmy Voon (@jimmy_voon) on

Not even judging, swear.

These are just a handful of the thousands of bat-shit entries. 
Go grab a burger and search the shit outta the hashtag for comedy’s sake.
Via Instagram.