Logan Paul Apologises After Saying He Planned To Go Gay For A Month

Logan Paul

Infamous YouTuber Logan Paul has apologised for his “poor choice of words” after telling listeners to his Impulsive podcast that he planned to go gay for the month of March.

Speaking about new year’s resolutions, he said: “We’re vegan now, and we’re sober. January is sober, vegan January. February is fatal February.”

After his co-host Mike Majlak explained that “fatal February” involves eating copious quantities of meat and drinking loads of alcohol, he turned his attention to the next month.

“Then March,” said Paul, “it’s male-only March. We’re gonna attempt to go gay for just one month,” he said, before Majlak said that they’d “swing … go back” in April.

While we arguably have bigger things to worry about than how many dudes Logan Paul bangs in March, a number of people on the internet were upset at his suggestion that being gay is a choice.

YouTuber Daniel Preda took Paul to task for joking about going gay while LGBT people around the world live in fear, while community organisation GLAAD told him “that’s not how it works.”

Logan Paul has since apologised, retweeting GLAAD and saying: “very poor choice of words … my fault. Let’s get together and talk about it on my podcast next week?”

This latest controversy comes a year after Paul filmed a dead body in Japan’s notorious suicide forest, after which he apologised and took a temporary break from posting YouTube videos.