Amber Heard Absolutely Slam Dunked Barnaby Joyce Over Citizenship Shitstorm

So ah, the news of Barnaby Joyce‘s New Zealand citizenship has finally reached Amber Heard and hoo boy she’s gone to fuckin’ town on him this morning on her Twitter.

After the big fuss that noted large red (NZ) tomato Barney threw about Heard and ex-partner Johnny Depp‘s wee pups, Boo and Pistol, we thought things might have quietened down a bit in that camp.

Maybe Heard had forgotten about how Australia tried to kill her dogs. Perhaps she had moved on to more important things than the incessant rambling of a flapping red bin lid.

But no, she was biding her time for when the moment was right. The stars aligned for her to monumentally clap-back to Barney when it was revealed this week that he might have to step down from government because he holds a dual citizenship with New Zealand.

She followed this gloriously snarky tweet with another, even more perfect roasting, saying that she’s sent some of NZ’s finest to keep Barn comforted in his time of need.

Twitter has gone into full meltdown over Heard’s incredibly savage input in the developing situation, simply because it has absolutely blown everyones’ fuckin’ minds.

Well played, girl. Well played.