‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’: Melbourne Holds Vigil To Stand With Paris

While this weekend’s devastating terror attacks in Paris appear to be over, there is still a lot of healing yet to be achieved. Now more than ever, France should know the support they have – including Australia‘s. 
So, all around Australia, vigils were held in support for France, and in remembrance of the innocent lives lost over the past few days. 
Melbourne‘s vigil was by far the largest, with hundreds with participants. ABC News spoke to French-Australian woman Sarah Brisson, who was spray-painting people’s plain t-shirts with the viral ‘Peace For Paris’ symbol:

“In France we have this thing, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. Basically it’s French, but it’s not, because this is something human,” she said.

“This is a human thing, not a French thing.”

There’s another vigil yet to go, in Adelaide. It’s led by the Ambassador of France in Australia, Christophe Lecourtier – head to Unley’s Soldiers Memorial Gardens, tomorrow 17th November, at 6pm. 
– We stand as one. We are not afraid. –
via Twitter.

Image: Anadolu Agency via Getty.