Lib MP Says They’re Being Pressured To Avoid Grace Tame & Brittany Higgins’ Press Club Address

grace tame brittany higgins press club liberal MPs

The MAFS-level drama and pettiness in the Liberal Party rolls on with new claims that members have been told not to attend Brittany Higgins and Grace Tame‘s speeches at the National Press Club this week in fear they’ll embarrass the Coalition government.

Per the Canberra Times, an unnamed female backbencher said it was “disgusting” that some MPs have been told to not show up to this week’s sold out Press Club address by the two women. She said the pressure was being put on members in attempts to avoid “embarrassing the government”.

“There’s no trust in us, so it can’t be reciprocated,” she said to AAP.

“The Prime Minister can’t have it both ways. [Scott Morrison] can’t say he doesn’t trust us to act in the interest of the party and the government and listen to [us] about an important issue in parliament and the country.”

According to a spokesperson from the Prime Minister’s office, leave from the House of Representatives was a matter for the government whip. They also denied the claims, saying parliamentarians are permitted to attend Wednesday’s event provided they meet all their parliamentary duties.

It’s reported that several senior ministers will be present for the address from Higgins and Tame, and it’s also understood that some Liberal cabinet ministers will also be in attendance.

This alleged attempt to tighten the belt comes after multiple allegations and instances of leaked text messages, including Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce contacting Higgins in March last year and calling Morrison a “hypocrite and a liar”. Joyce also claimed that he has “never trusted him” and that they “don’t get along”.

Defence Minister Peter Dutton has also refuted leaked text message claims after former NSW Premier Bob Carr alleged he was the unnamed person behind the text to other former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, which labelled Morrison as “a complete psycho”.

Forget Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we’re barely keeping up with the Canberrans at this rate.