Liam Payne Says He Is About To Lose His House In The California Wildfires

Liam Payne

As fires continue to rage out of control in the US state of California, with an estimated quarter of a million citizens evacuated so far, former One Direction singer Liam Payne has said that his home is in the path of the blaze, and is likely to be destroyed.

“My heart goes out to everyone caught in the fires, please stay safe and don’t take unnecessary risks,” he wrote earlier today. “I think I’m about to lose my house and its memories – even worse, tragically, many people have died, thoughts and prayers with everyone, its been a tough day, let’s hope it gets better.”

The large concentration of celebrities and high profile individuals in California has given an unusual level of insight into the fires, and Liam Payne is one of many, many others affected by the disaster. Actor Orlando Bloom shared a photo showing the flames from his street in Malibu.

Caitlyn Jenner‘s Malibu house was reportedly lost in the fires, and many others, including Lady GagaKim KardashianWill Smith and Robin Thicke have taken to social media to give updates on their evacuations.

Overnight, Charlie Sheen sent out an urgent plea on Twitter saying he could not contact his parents, Janet Sheen and veteran actor Martin Sheen, but they have since been located and are said to be safe and sound.

There were reports yesterday that the house used as a set for The Bachelor was in imminent danger, but as of today, it seems that while sections of the property were burned and the house next door was destroyed, the mansion itself actually survived unscathed.

The devastation of the fires is still becoming apparent, but they have already wipe entire towns off the map, including Paradise, which was situated in the Sierra Nevada foothills and was home to some 27,000 residents.

Per local news reports, wildfires moved through Paradise so suddenly that there was nothing firefighters could do. The central business district of the town has been destroyed, and entire neighbourhoods have been burned to the ground.

Nine people have been found dead so far, a number of them in cars attempting to escape the blaze, and many others on social media sending out urgent reports on missing relatives, many of them elderly people who remain unaccounted for.