Get Yr Best Pal Feeling Hot For The Summer W/ The New Kmart Pets Range

We know you lot go absolutely boonta for Kmart‘s releases – there’s no denying that the affordable homewares kings have perfected the home aesthetic and it doesn’t help that they also facilitate 2am shopping trips when you can’t sleep and really want that faux-fur throw for your bed. And if you’re really into them, you’ll know that there’s a whole Kmart pets range.

This range reflects these strong vibes, making your little floofy friend just a bloody chic as you are (plus the Halloween costume range was the cutest shit ever to exist).

Well guess what folks; the range is extending and hoo-boy there’s some really gorgeous stuff in the new pets range. Let’s take a lookie, shall we?

Is your pet having a damned BIRTHDAY? Then make sure you dress ’em to the nines with this very cute jumper that tells absolutely everyone exactly who’s special day it is.

So handsome! (Available in S-XL)

And if you really wanna make them hate literally everything around them and you, why not add this quaint little birthday hat?

I promise they’ll wear it all day! Grab it over HERE.

If you believe your little mate is a little more ~magical~ and ~probably holds the secrets of the world~ then dress them up in this very smart ‘Unicorn Trainer’ jumper. It’s even got a little good with a mane, so you can finally have that pony you always wanted.

Get on these fantasy vibes over HERE.

Did you fall deeply in love with the whole rose gold and pastel trend of 2017? Withing you had something for your pet so they can subtly match your interior design decor? Look no further my friend, because these chic dog collars are exactly that – and they don’t break the bank.

Your pooch can pretend to be a millennial in these luxe collars.

And because everything ever should match, you can cop these equally-as-luxe rose gold & pastel leads.

Can walkies be any more swanky? Clearly they can with these leads.

Now what about swish accessories that’ll fit into the on-point décor in your home? Look no further my friends, because the Kmart team have you absolutely covered. From bamboo cat trees, to a denim igloo, and a food bowl with hotdogs all over it.

I’ve saved the best to last, however.

If you’re like me and your pooch is a little on the bad boy/girl wild side, all dogs no masters kinda vibe, then absolutely pick them up their own tuff boy/tuff girl denim jacket, complete with a couple of patches.


Look at all that real estate for some sick patches that you can sew on! Think about all the great little thing you can stick on there for your adorable punk dog who wants to smash the system and eat the rich’s slippers! I need to buy one of these for each of my friends’ dogs immediately.

Kmart are also releasing MORE pets stuff soon, so keep your eyes peeled for things like adorable little harnesses and fluffy cat toys.

If absolutely none of this stuff has tickled your fancy, well you could always buy your pet this frog costume.