Kim Kardashian Has Debuted The First Photo Of Her Boring Not-Stormi Baby

Kim Kardashian has gone ahead and shared the first image of her new bub Chicago, debuting the young one with a tasteful and almost imperceptible Instagram filter.

Donning the digitally-embedded ears of some creature – we’re not entirely sure which – the image shows Kardashian and the young one looking mighty shiny.

This isn’t the first glimpse at the latest addition to one of the most famous families on the planet. Chicago was briefly shown in Kylie Jenner’s video about her own pregnancy with young Stormi.

Admittedly, the baby was somewhat less filter-ised there.

As far as Stormi goes, Jenner recently chucked up a video of the kid’s toes on Snapchat.

Watch this space for more vital bébé updates.