KFC And Smiths Form Unholy Alliance, Create Limited-Edition ‘Zinger’ Chips

The benevolent gods at KFC Australia and Smiths Chips have consulted the Hangover Demon and together forged a Great Snack.

Three were given to the CEOs, immortal and richest of all beings. Seven to the Blog-Lords, great miners of content and craftsmen of the twitter shout-outs. And nine bags were gifted to the Media Outlets, who above all else desire clicks. For within these chips was bound the novelty value and flavour to interest each race.

But they were all of them deceived, for another bag was made. Deep in the land of Kentucky, in the deep fryers of Louisville, the Dark Lord Sanders forged a master bag in secret, and into this ring he poured his old timey charm, a dash of southern twang and a few dollops of good old fashioned stick-to-itiveness. One bag to finger-lick them all.

And now food fans around the country can taste the spicy Zinger flavour in Smith’s potato chips-form. 

“The potato chip format means the unbeatable combination can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere, whether that’s at home in front of a footy game or out and about with friends,”
says KFC. You’ll be able to get them from September 8 at KFCs country-wide and Coles.

Whilst, believe it or not, we didn’t get paid for this write up, we did get sent a free baggy to try. Can confirm: strong aroma that stings the nostrils, vague KFC chip situation on your palate and zingy aftertaste


Images via Claire Bracken’s mobile telephone.