Kevin Rudd Just Called Bullshit On Scott Morrison’s Non-Apology Over COVID Travel Lie

kevin rudd

Former Prime Minister and handball king Kevin Rudd has called Scott Morrison the fuck out for his half-assed apology after the PM blatantly lied about Rudd’s COVID travels.

To catch you up to speed, Scott Morrison claimed that Rudd – who hasn’t left Queensland since the start of COVID – had travelled overseas multiple times this year, as a sort-of excuse for why Tony Abbott and other Libs have.

The comment was a blatant lie, and it didn’t take long for Rudd to call him out on it. Honestly, what the hell would you expect when the Prime Minister spreads straight-up false information in Parliament.

But rather than publicly apologising like a leader with any shred of decency left, Morrison opted to apologise via the clerk of the House of Representatives in writing.

“I have subsequently been advised that Mr Rudd has not travelled internationally during the pandemic,” Morrison wrote to the clerk.

“I also apologise to Mr Rudd for the statement and am pleased to correct the record.”

Naturally, Rudd took to Twitter to call him out (again) on taking the coward’s way out, also calling out Peter Dutton, who is yet to apologise for his role in yesterday’s false claims.

“In true #ScottyFromMarketing style, Morrison avoids apologising on camera by slipping it into the written record. And still not a peep from Dutton, who joined the chorus,” Rudd tweeted on Tuesday morning.

“The question remains: why is Abbott allowed to take places from stranded Aussies trying to get home for Xmas?”

Of course, Morrison has no real answer for why Tony Abbott, or Alex Downer have been free to jet set around the world mid-pandemic while thousands of vulnerable Aussies are still stranded overseas. Disappointed? Yes. Surprised? Not. Even. A. Little. Bit.

It’s unclear if Morrison apologised to Rudd personally, however, judging by the tweet, it’s not likely.