Kenyans Are Currently Subjecting Their President To A Ruthless Memeing

Kenyan social media is a highly underrated quadrant of the internet. Apart from posting only the most buckwild, insanely pixellated memes you could ever imagine, the country’s citizens are also partial to the odd bit of cheeky political dissonance, and for that we doff our caps.

The latest target is the president, Uhuru Kenyatta. The prez is the kind of technocratic type who governs like an episode of Utopia – through the announcement and launch of a bunch of harebrained schemes, programs and initiatives with increasingly complex names. Like so:

The Ziwa la Ng’ombe Informal Settlement Infrastructural Improvement Project. That’s a lot of words. Kenyans took to Twitter to skewer their president, by showing themselves giving grandiose names to basic households objects before ‘opening’ them with a pair of scissors.
It’s confirmed for good bants. They’re all tweeting on the #UhuruChallenge hashtag.

Great stuff.
Source: Twitter.