‘Keep Queensland Open’ Rally Targets Brissy Casino’s Lockout Exemptions

At this point, you could throw any combination of “lock out laws”, “casino”, “Keep X Open” and “protest” together, and the resulting text would probably reflect real-life happenings. 

In this case, those keywords sum up today’s situation in Brisbane, where around 300 protesters took to the streets to call out Queensland’s rapidly-approaching lockout laws and last-drink restrictions.

Great showing at the #KeepQueenslandOpen rally!

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We want to be able to do what we love, and today we made some noise against lockouts. #KeepQueenslandOpen

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The march started at the city’s Treasury Casino – another venue which won’t be impacted by the 2am last-drinks regulations that come into play next weekend. 

Some bars, clubs and pubs within the pre-ordained “safe-night” precincts will be allowed to serve drinks ’til 3am, but the Palaszczuk government has exempted the casino from the changes wholesale.

The laws were introduced after the one-punch killing of 18-year-old Cole Miller in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley – which has been allocated as one of the “safe night” areas.
Of course, the last-drinks laws aren’t the only impending changes; all of you banana benders will have your late-night liquor decisions curtailed under the new policy. 
Shots, shooters, and bevvies with more than 45mL of alcohol will be nixed after midnight – cocktails still have the green light, though.  
While the 1am lockout restrictions won’t hit pubs and clubs in the Sunshine State until February, the protest was keen to focus on how many industry jobs might be culled when they do come into play. 
Among the protest was Liberal MP Jarrod Blejie, who estimated nearly 6000 “young Queenslanders” could be out of a job when the restrictions roll around.

Greens Senate candidate Andrew Bartlett also spoke at the event, lamenting the fact that once again, a casino is exempted from the laws that may impact smaller businesses.

Event organiser and industry lobbyist Nick Braban said the push back against the restrictions will continue.

Source: news.com.au / Brisbane Times. 
Photo: Keep Sydney Open / Twitter.